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Cyprus Sound Effects Library Nicosia

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44 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 10 GB • 140 min


Cyprus Sound Effects Library Nicosia

During our 1.5 month stay in Cyprus, we created a massive 10 Gb sound library with 44 tracks and a total length of 140 minutes.

On the Greek-speaking side, we captured the room tone of the Historical Museum Cyprus, the beautiful sounds of the Holy Cross Catholic Church, and the vibrant city ambiance with honking cars, trucks, and motorbikes. We also recorded Greek-speaking retired men playing games and school kids on recess, along with the bustling crowd around Ledra street.

On the Turkish-speaking side, we captured the mesmerizing sounds of the Selimiye Mosque, including the call to prayer and kids playing. We also recorded the lively crowds and restaurant ambiance at Büyük Han, along with the market place where Turkish-speaking retired men were shouting and laughing while playing Backgammon. We also captured the peaceful ambience of the Arabahmet Quarter, along with the sounds of young crowds at outdoor cafes and the beautiful sounds of birds, pigeons, and swallows all across the city.

Whether you’re looking for Mediterranean soundscapes, Cyprus city sound effects, or Cypriot traditional music, this library has it all. You’ll also find religious sounds, outdoor ambiance, street vendors, market sounds, seaside sounds, and even village life sounds in Cyprus.

Don’t miss out on this incredible collection of royalty-free sounds for both personal and commercial use. Head over to our Bandcamp account and download your copy now!


Field Recording with LOM Usi Pro in Nicosia

For the second episode of ‘Behind the Sound‘ Libby and I take you on a wild ride to the Turkish part of Nicosia! As we explore the last divided capital in the world, we dive deep into its soundscape to capture the most authentic sounds we can find.

We spent one full day recording and filming everything we came across, from the bustling crowds to the serene ambience of the Arabahmet Quarter. Our journey took us to some of the most iconic spots in the city, including the magnificent Büyük Han, the historic Selimiye Mosque, and the lively Atatürk Square.

With our recording equipment in hand, we were able to capture the pulse of the city as it breathed and lived around us. From the sounds of the daily market to the hauntingly beautiful call to prayer, our library is filled with hours of authentic sounds that transport you straight to Nicosia.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the Turkish part of Nicosia with us in the second episode of ‘Behind The Sound’!

Be sure to check out more sounds on our Ambience page and this Museum Room Tone Sound Library from Cyprus.

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