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Night Sounds & Cicadas Sound Effects Thailand

Recording the unique soundscapes of the Doi Suthep National Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand at night was an intense experience. As a nature sound effects enthusiast, I set out on a night time adventure to capture the rich and diverse sounds of the forest, including the symphony of night cicadas and other nocturnal creatures.

I began my journey by driving to the famous Wat Phrathat Temple and then the Phu Phing Palace, but the real adventure began once I reached the Doi Pui Campground, where the official road ended. With my trusty 125cc Honda and my Zoom H6 recorder in tow, I ventured onto the dark and bumpy roads of the rainforest.

As I explored the location, I captured the sounds of the cracking woods, the concert of night cicadas, and other creatures. Additionally, I performed several binaural recordings, including one where you can hear a piece of a tree falling to the ground. The experience was truly incredible and unforgettable.

However, my journey was not without its challenges. I found myself stuck between two roads and had to navigate my way through the dark and dense forest. But with enough gas in the tank and a determination to capture the best soundscape, I finally reached the Huay Tueng Thao lake where I recorded the wetland night sounds, including frogs and cicadas sound effects Thailand.

Before reaching the end of the forest, I came across a flowing creek that I found so peaceful that I placed my Zoom H6 next to it and recorded its soothing sounds for several minutes. The experience was incredibly relaxing and peaceful.

As a bonus, I’ve included a few extra tracks that I recorded on a hike with Libby on the Monk Trail to Doi Suthep.

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