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cicada sound effects NZ & Australia

Discover the unique sonic wonders of the Cicada Sound Effects library, a new offering that takes you on an aural journey to Australia and New Zealand. This exclusive library is distinct, given it showcases not just one, but two diverse cicada species, each contributing their unique rhythmic buzz to this eclectic collection.

One remarkable recording was accomplished in the bustling city of Auckland, New Zealand. A cicada poised atop a bus stop sign was captured, offering its rhythm before taking flight.

The second notable cicada recording comes from a residential neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia. Here, a lone cicada was found nestled in the grass. Placing the microphone close allowed us to record its singular sound effects.

Layering these unique Cicada Sound Effects presents an exciting realm of possibilities. You can experiment with pitch, echo, and timing, creating entirely new soundscapes. 

Please note, these sounds were captured in their natural urban settings, hence the faint hum of city life, including occasional traffic, is part of these recordings. Far from being an imperfection, these ambient noises provide a sense of place, reinforcing the authenticity of the Cicada Sound Effects library.

Uncover the musicality of the southern hemisphere with this royalty free sound library, a treasury of unique sound profiles that offer a new perspective on sound design. Use these sounds to inspire, create, and innovate your auditory projects.


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