Chaos! My First Sound Design!

I can’t believe it but I just created my first sound design and it was so much fun! It just came to me, while I was cleaning up my Website and trying to make older sounds look better and sound better!
I came across my sound of the 30 years old window blind that I recorded in Germany. It is one of these old manual window blinds. The cord is on the left site of the window and you have to pull it so that you can open the blind and you have to let it slide if you want to close it! The sound of this window blind is creepy!

Before I explain what sounds I used I would like to tell you why “Chaos”?

Imagine you are at home in your bed and you had a peaceful sleep. Everything is quiet and you feel safe. Your room is still dark and you wake up slowly. You get up, still groggy and walk to your window. Then, you slowly open your window blinds and the world crashes into your room and into your head, you realize the hectic, the stress, the chaos, you look outside for a moment, shake your head and all that you think is “the world can wait today” and you close your window!

That is how I felt when I created this sound! Here is the list from the sounds that I used!

First Step

 Old Window Blind Sound and Colorado Wind. You can use my Balboa Island Wind Sound!

Okay, I downloaded the sound to see how it sounds like and after that, I thought “How would that sound like if I use one of my creepy wind sounds that I recorded in Colorado”? This sound is not up on the Website yet but I am going to to make them available for you Guys with all the other wind sounds from Kansas!
I recorded wind sound outside of the Hotel and this one inside the lobby. If you open the main door, the wind finds its way and blows between little gaps through the other door! That is where I got my wind sound.

How To Record Wind Sound

Second Step

Truck Sound not published yet but you can use my Interstate Sounds!

While I was listening to it, I couldn’t believe it! It sounds so much fun and my next thought was “How would it sounds like if I bring a truck within”?
I remember a truck came by while I was recording the wind sound outside of the Hotel. I found it and cut this part out and put it in the next track underneath the wind and window blind part. I changed the beginning and the ending so that it matched when I open and close the window blind.

Third Step

No similar Sound on my Website yet!

While we drove across Arizona we saw on the other street an accident and it didn’t look good! A truck was already burning and the traffic stopped completely. We drove as quickly as possible, but we needed Gas, left the Interstate and went to the Gas Station. I could hear already the Sirene in the background. A Police Car, an Ambulance, and the Fire Fighters came around the corner. I recorded the sound of all 3 cars while they passing the gas station and this is one sirene sound that you hear in this track.

Fourth Step

Train Sound Fullerton and Railroad Cross Sound at Santa Fee Springs

I did some fantastic train recordings in Fullerton and one recording at a Railway cross in Santa Fee Springs. The Warning Signal and a train horn from a distance are what I recorded and used in this recording.

Railroad Cross Sound Effect

Fifth Step

New York City Sounds

Libby did some really awesome recordings in New York City and you can download all sounds for free from my New York City Sounds Album! Its about 57 minutes and recorded on 10 different locations. One Sound that I used is this typical traffic jam honking sound and the other one is the sound of a huge jackhammer. That was at Mercer Street!

New York City Sound Effects

Sixth Step

Birds of California

I thought “How would it sound like with birds? We went to the South West Plaza in Orange County and if you park in the Parking Garage, you can see and listen to so many birds that living here! They have a huge nest in the trees that are attached to the wall and chirping all day long. Of course, I had to record this!
NOTE: Guys, if you record sound or you are thinking about it, have always a recorder with you! I missed so many moments of great ambient already, but now I always carry a recorder with me!

Seventh Step

Sounds Of Vietnam Track 24 Frogs and Dogs

Now we can do this endless, but I think its good I don’t want to push my luck but I had to use some dog sounds! In one version you can listen to dogs barking. These are dogs that I recorded at night time in Vietnam!

That is all! That was my first Sound Design and if you can use it? Please feel free to download it! If you think you can use a similar sound the most sounds are all on my Website. Feel free to write me a message if you have any sound requests or questions! I sit on so many sounds that are not published yet. Also, any helpful tips are much appreciated. That was my first sound design and I would love to learn more.

I have 3 Versions for you!

Version One without Dogs

Download File

Version Two without Dogs Less Amplitude

Download File

Version 3 with Dogs Barking

Download File

Photo credit for the thumbnail goes to the Uber talented Digital Artist Pete Linforth Feel free to check out his Facebook Page! Incredible Stuff!

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