In Car Driving Sound At Monterey Wine Country

A little while ago we spent a few days in San José because Libby shot a wedding in the Monterey Wine Country! We came into a beautiful area where the wedding took place! most expensive wedding dresses We drove a little road up the mountains and went into a private country club! Everything was very discrete and behind closed gates! But not only people come here for weddings, in 2013, the Monterey Wine County was named as one of the “Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations” worldwide by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine! With almost more than 42 different varietals is it one of the largest wine growing and producing regions in California! Carmel Valley The view was stunning, especially at sunset! After we did some drone shots and the wedding was over, it was time to test my new microphone! At this point, I had the Rode NTG4+ just a few days! So we placed the Go Pro in front of the front window, rolled the side windows down and recorded the sound from the inside of the car!   Carmel Monterey Sunset
Here is the location where we recorded the audio!
It starts with opening the door and closing! I fasten my seatbelt and start the engine! Okay, It is a Toyota Yaris but still an engine! :)! The rest is just downhill driving on this small little street! The drive is about 10 minutes so if you are not up for the sound than just enjoy the view! The street itself creates a really nice sound and I am going to record another in-car sound when I drive on the freeway in and around LA! Every street sounds so different and I would like to demonstrate you this in another video!
…and now enjoy 10 minutes of in-car driving free sound effect! If you have friends and you feel like they could benefit from this sound as well, please share this post! Thank you! Download File


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