Car Door Sounds! Open & Closing Sound Effects!

Car Door Sounds! Open & Closing Sound Effects! Recorded at LAX Airport Parking Garage.

Hi and Welcome to a new free sound effect! I had another sound request from a User on Reddit!
He asks me if I could make it possible to record the sound of a slamming car door in a parking garage?

Of Course, I can do that and this time we went to the LAX Airport (again) to catch the plane to New York City! The parking garage is right across the street to Terminal 5 and it is super busy! So I tried open and closing the door soft in the beginning and then I slammed the door a few times! I did this a few times on the right side, the left side and I did open and close the hatchback of the car! After reviewing the video I realized I should slam the hood as well! Next time!

Car Door Sounds! Open & Closing Sound Effects! Parking Garage

By the way, it is the Toyota Yaris from Libby! She has the car for 10 years already and kept the car before we started our journey around the world! That was a good decision not to sell it and it is a great car! It took us all the way from Iowa across the country to California and we use the car daily and we have no issues! We hope it brings us back safely to Iowa in November! We leaving the US and flying to Vietnam!
The car will be stored in the garage again. Until we come back!

When you listen to the sound, that is the original sound from the Rode NTG4+ together with the Rycote Blimp and the Zoom H6!
I didn’t touch the file at all in Audition and kept it how it is!
I have already a car slamming sound here on my website so check it out!
Click HERE!

The exact location where I recorded the sound!

..and now I invite you to download these free slamming car door sound effects!

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