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Brazil Sounds! Rio De Janeiro Farmers Market

Hi Guys! In this blog post, I have two Brazil sounds for you! One is a pretty sad one about a bird ( I explain later in the post) and the other one is at a very local farmers market with zero tourist character!
I didn’t record the sound, my girlfriend did while she was shooting the wedding from Guy Oseary and Michelle Alves in Rio De Janeiro! She flew from Los Angeles to Miami and then down to Rio. What a journey in 3 days!

About the recording!

Ok, the quality of the recording is not the best, but better to have something than nothing.
She used a Zoom H1 without wind protection so I deleted a lot of rumbling and wind noises from the audio.
Also, the file was recorded in 44.1/16 instead of 96/24! I put the files together and exported in 96/24. If somebody wants the original raw files, please shoot me a message and I can send it to you.

The recording of the bird!

brazil sounds

The Sound behind the photo! 


As you see in the photo, there is this little bird in a cage. Libby walked around the streets until she heard a beautiful bird sound. She walked around the street and checked out all the trees, but couldn’t find the bird. Then she came across this parking garage and walked inside the building and saw the bird living in a cage in this house. That is so sad and we saw many of these birds living in super small cages in Cambodia.
But when you listen to the sound you can hear another bird singing. This bird lived also in a cage but across the streets and these two guys talked to each other what makes the situation even sadder.

Here is the exact street where Libby did the recording!

The recording at the farmer’s market!

A few hours later she went to a Farmers Market at the Rua Ronald de Carvalho what is a huge market and it was on a Friday so many people but mostly locals and no tourists.
You can listen to one man who presents his products by talking loud about it! Its fun and it reminds me of the market in Athens, Greece.

Here is one travel video about the Market what we did in Athens if you are interested! You will be surprised about the prices and the amazing quality! One of the cities in the world I could easily live again!

Also, you can listen to many other cool sounds like people chatting or kids playing in the background. What I really love about this field recording is that we finally have a different language. Brazilian Portuguese, which is very different from the European Portuguese.

After five minutes it started to rain and the vendors start covering the shops and vendors with the rain and wind protection! It is a cool sound when the rain tingles on the plastic.

Here is the location where the Farmers Market took place.

Here are a few photos that Libby took on the market so.  included more videos in the YouTube Video!

brazil sounds brazil sounds brazil sounds brazil sounds

As I said it is not the best sound quality but we still hope you can use it as background sound. Especially when you are Brazilian Filmmaker.

…and now I invite you to download both Brazil sounds from the bird and the farmers market in one file for free! 

Download File


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