Bonfire Sound Effects & Crackling Fire Sounds

You find the download of the free Bonfire Sound Effects & Crackling Fire Sounds at the end of the blog post!

(Download on the bottom down below)

I did already several recordings in Bali but this was my first one in Ubud! It’s nice to be back! Everything is so uncomplicated. We rented a house in a split second. Walking along the Ubud palace street and got our motorbike to get around in no time and we already made our friends who are running the restaurant “Moksa Ubud” and let me tell you this is the best restaurant in Ubud. That was a random note but on our way to the restaurant, I saw this huge bonfire across the street and first I thought it must be house fire but it was a ceremony and luckily I had the recorder in the bag.

bonfire sound effects & crackling fire sounds

It was pretty hot and might not so harmless but HEY if we want a sound we have to take a risk sometimes.
I just got the new DPAs 4060 but got chicken legs to use them and only placed the Zoom H6. The recorder is easy to replace if something happens (hopefully never) but not these mics especially in SEA but I still think I got some really nice fire crackling sound effects with it!

bonfire sound effects & crackling fire sounds

A bonus is the wooden explosion sound effects and that sound is amazing. You have some people chatting in the background but you can’t always win! 🙂

bonfire sound effects & crackling fire sounds

There is a saying in Bali: “We have no art. We do everything as beautifully as possible.” This reflects my philosophy of practice. I try to remember daily what a gift it is to have the privilege of living in this wondrous world.

-Sam Keen

…and now I invite you to download these bonfire sound effects & crackling fire sounds for free direct from my Dropbox folder!

I recorded for about seven minutes and placed the recorder as close as I could to the bonfire!
I have two versions for you! The original version and the SoundCloud Version. You can choose which one you like the most.

Original Version!

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SoundCloud Version!

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