Medieval Sound Effects – Blacksmith & Fire Sounds

Recording authentic blacksmith & fire sounds in Vietnam! Medieval style!

We lived only 5 minutes away from this blacksmith shop and I told Libby, someday I ask these guys if I could record these authentic sound effects.

Every day I saw the fire in the pothole and two men hammering steel and creating fences.

Sound Compilation Blacksmith & Fire Sounds

Then I drove by, stopped and walked with a smile on my face and a friendly Xin Chào” into the shop and pointed with my fingers to the fire, the hammer and to my recording equipment.

Medieval Sound Effects

I showed him my recorder and again gesticulate with my fingers that I would love to record that sound! They both start laughing and allowed me to record these super amazing sounds.

Medieval Sound Effects

Could you imagine sitting all day long on the floor like these men and working in one position and of course, no shoes, gloves or special protection glasses!

Blacksmith Sound Effects

One day we will all cherish the memory of having blacksmiths on every corner.

George Singleton

A Little Bit More About These Sound Effects

These recordings have everything. You can listen to the hammering sound and the moment he turns on the heat and fills the fire hole with coal. You can hear the fire crackling. 

After he is done hammering, he calls his colleague and together they hammer even more. After both are done with hammering, one men puts the steel in a little metal box and to form the steel into little spikes.

I recorded only on the Zoom H6 and its just a perfect and handy recorder.

We have a little bit of background noise so if you like to use these sound effects for a medieval soundscape, make sure you delete these parts of the sound file.

Blacksmith Sound Effects

Download Medieval Sound Effects – Blacksmith & Fire Sounds

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