Black Friday People Walla Ambient At A Department Store

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I never experienced the craziness of Black Friday and we weren’t in a big town like Los Angeles where I bet Black Friday is even worse when it comes to shopping!
We are in a small town in Iowa called Sioux City and we went to Target around 10 PM and it was in my opinion still crazy! I never saw such long lines of people, the shopping carts filled with so much stuff lining up along all these aisles. They stood easily one hour in line or even longer. Time is money doesn’t count on these days, I guess. I was only there because I want to see this trouble and of course for recording sound!
The best way of recording this “walla” sound is with the binaural microphones that I have from Soundman!

Black Friday Sound Effects

About the binaural recording!

I am using the Soundman OKM II Rock Studio Microphones and I wear them in my ears attached to the Zoom H6 what I had in my bag!

We came from the car and the first what you can hear is that I open the door and walk to the left site of the store! This is where all the electronic articles are and I had to take out parts of the recordings because they played music. I walked straight ahead and you can hear a baby crying! Bringin a baby to Black Friday? That sounds like stress to me! For the parents and for the baby!
Another kid says something like “I don’t know” in a really fun way! I walk forward and pass people talking with this Walkie Talkies!
At some point, I pass Spanish talking people!  As next,  I stop next to the suitcase areas and move one around!
Somebody in the background asks “How much are they”? “Expensive,” says somebody else!
I keep walking…
Now I come to a busy area with a lot of kids and parents! It’s getting busier around this area and another Baby is screaming in the background!
The atmosphere is busy but not “angry” busy! More calm in a way and I could tell that the most people know each other and having fun what can you cleary hare when people starting to laugh! I really liked that!
Overall I think we got a really amazing recording over here and at some point, I couldn’t find Libby anymore so I stopped the recordings but with 12 Minutes, I think we are all good to go!

I had so much fun while recording this sound so feel free to download this sound from my Bandcamp Account!

Only in America do people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have. ~Author Unknown

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