Bird Chirping Sound Effects In City

Recording Bird Chirping Sound Effects at evening on busy intersection in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Maybe not Alfred Hitchcock but with a little bit of phantasy :)! Two nights ago we came from our way home and had to stop at this one intersection and couldn’t believe it.

I took this photo at daytime.

Bird Chirping Sound Effects

I am not sure how many birds but at least a few hundreds are sitting on the powerlines and chirping extremely loudly. I remember a few months ago recording sounds of a few thousand herons in Bali but this one is a little bit different.

I couldn’t avoid the street noise because its right next to four site intersection. But maybe you work on a project where you need a lot of birds in a busy city? Here you have it.

I came back on the next morning to get some photos of the place but the birds are all gone. What you can see is a ton of poop on the ground, on the wires and on my helmet!

Bird Chirping Sound Effects

I just came back home and they are back. So if you come to Chiangmai and you want to do your own field recordings here is the location and just show up after 7 or 8 pm.

For these royalty-free bird chirping sound effects, I used the following equipment

Zoom F4 Field Recorder
One pair DPA 4060
Length/Bitrate: 4:00 min/96/24 WAV

…and now I invite you to download this amazing bird sound effects and enjoy the sound! 🙂

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