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Best Sound Bags For Sound Devices MixPre Series 6ii

If you are looking for an audio bag for your Sound Devices MixPre 6ii, I hope this post and video will help you decide.

In this post, I am describing two bags. The Orca OR-270 Sound Bag and the K-Tek Stingray MixPro Audio Bag, which was also developed for the MixPre 3ii.

However, there are other companies out there that have audio bags. For example, Porta Brace, Sachtler, or Struth just to name a few.

ORCA Sound bag vs ktek stingray sound bag

I ordered the Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii from B&H, but during that time the K-Tek bag was not available and I ordered the Orca sound bag. Luckily I have a personal connection with Tino from K-Tek and he had one in stock and sent it to me.

However, if you find that an audio bag is not available on B&H, Amazon, or any other online store, I strongly recommend reaching out to each company personally and asking for it. Not only could they have it, but they also know that there is a demand for it.

Field recording is still barely discovered and these companies don’t make bags for us or create editions just for field recording purposes only.

They make sturdy bags for sound mixers, boom operators, or location sound recordists that are working in the entertainment industry, and until they get no feedback from our niche nothing is going to change. These bags are made to get the job done and not look fancy. Feel free to watch our video about both bags. At the end of the video I let you know which one I keep and which one I send back.

Other Sound Bags

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a list of all available soundbags for your Sound Devices MixPre on B&H, along with prices and availability. Click HERE or on the picture down below.

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