Bats Sound Effects Goa Lawah Temple, Bali

Recording Bats Sound Effects At Goa Lawah Temple In Bali, Indonesia

What a great day and it ended with some amazing bat sounds recordings!
Maybe the weather wasn’t the best but I am not complaining. February in Bali is definitely better than in cold Germany for example. Sorry, I am German and I know how cold the February can be! 🙂

Bats Sound Effects

Today we went to the Lempuyang Temple east of Bali and it is such a magical place.
We are renting in Ubud right now a really nice small house (I will make a video and blog post only about this) and the family that owns the house lives on the same complex.
We really get to know how local living looks like and it is great.

Bats Sound Effects

One of the family member and his son took us to this 2000 years old temple. Mount Agung is on the other site but the clouds made a great view impossible.
Right now is offseason and with us, it was just a handful people.

But this post is not about the Lempuyang Temple.
On our way back he mentioned the bat cave or Goa Lawah Temple with thousands of bats! I had all my sound equipment with me so let’s go!

Bats Sound Effects

We arrived the temple and the entry fee is 6000 Rupiah (42 cents) and I walked to the cave. Without sarong, no entry so make sure you bring one.
You can also rent a sarong if you don’t have one.

I was standing in front of the cave and couldn’t believe it, Thousands of bats sleeping, squeaking or flying around the cave! In the back of the cave is another room with even more bats. The bats leaving the cave at night and coming back in the morning. Maybe someday I come here again and wait until this happens but I think they close the temple before.

As a visitor, you are not allowed to walk on the stairs so I had to make the recording from down below! To get a better sound with less background sound from the street bring a boom or a long tripod.

Now that I have the new DPA 4060 I had to record this sound with these mics and you can download the original version or the version on SoundCloud! I hope you enjoy the sound and thank you for listening!

Location where I recorded these bats sound effects!

“A grain of devotion is more valuable than tons of faithlessness.” 
-A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Download bats sound effects from Bandcamp! 
NOTE: If you can’t see the Bandcamp Media Player here make sure to turn off your ad blocker or choose a different browser. Also, make sure to check out with “WAV” to get the high-quality format!

Category: Sounds Of Indonesia, Animal Sounds, Bats
Type: Bats sound effects
Specs: 1 file • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 158 MB
Duration: 4:39 min 
Equipment: Zoom H6, DPA 4060
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download or Complete Library Download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license
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