Auditorium Sound Effects | Flipping Chairs, Stage Curtains & Room Tone

Recording auditorium sound effects at Denver high school!

I created this special sound library inside the Denver high school auditorium and recorded the chairs, the open and closing of two large curtains on stage and the room tone!

Sound Compilation “Empty Auditorium”

Denver East is not just like any other school in Denver. This high school was the first ever high school in the city. Established in 1876 and an official Denver Historic Landmark. I think having the opportunity to record in such building was a fantastic experience and more sound library releases from this school are coming soon!

The auditorium was built together with the school building in 1925 and most of it is still in its original shape! I recorded the flipping up and down of the chairs. All chairs are fixed on two metallic arms. While flipping up and down each one has its unique sounds. The total number of chairs I recorded is 50 and can be downloaded separately if needed.

Another interesting fact is that the band “The Frey” filmed its music video for ‘Over My Head” at Denver East High including this auditorium!

The air systems are underneath the chairs and the air blows gentle throughout the auditorium and creates an interesting atmosphere. If I record room tone, I often times have my eyes closed and listen really closely what can be very relaxing. Especially in this building.

Room tone is included in this library from the front side of the auditorium and from the backstage area where I recorded another great sound effect.

The stage has two large curtains. A red curtain in front of the stage and a black curtain that covers the requisites and the actors preparing stage. I recorded the open and closing with the microphone (Wildtronics SAAM) on stage and a close up from the rope with the pulley while open and closing with my hands.

I used for these recordings the Zoom F8n with the Wildtronics SAAM and the Zoom H3 VR! All recordings are meta tagged with keywords and recorded in 192-24 & 96-24 wav. Download Metadata!

Download Auditorium Sound Effects On Bandcamp

If you can’t wait for the other releases, all high school sound effects are already inside the All In One Bundle with room tones, doors and all other sounds recorded inside the high school! Over 300 high quality recordings in total!


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