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Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects Thailand

Recording Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects in Chiangmai, Thailand

Welcome to Chiangmai’s famous “Gate Market”. I am not 100 percent sure if this market is one of the only ones which is open in the morning and at night.

Before I went down to the market I prepared my new Zoom F4 field recorder and I was pretty excited to do my first recordings with it. For the microphones, I used my DPA 4060 and fixed them on the bag left and right. I forget my hut. The first idea was to fix them on the hut left and right but at the moment I arrived at the market, I knew the hut is at home.

Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects

Overall everything was a little bit more complicated than just using the binaural in-ear microphones with the H6 in the pocket but I have a new recorder so I had to start somewhere.

I don’t have the correct bag, the weight is heavier and the cables are just everywhere. So to be honest it was a little pain but I make it work in the future. I know where the issues are and I know how to fix it.

So, the gate market opened at 5 AM in the morning but I was a little late this time. I arrived around 9 AM but the most tourists coming way later so I could capture the local feeling.

Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects

In the morning is it mostly selling farmers food on the market and in the evening are mainly food stalls selling cooked food.
If you arrive around afternoon, the open-air market behind the hall is already shut down and will open on the next morning.
So if you don’t have so much time I recommend coming early in the morning to get the real feeling.

Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects

But what about the sound? Yes, now let’s make this exciting! I parked my bike in the middle of both roads. At this place are all the chairs and tables for the people who eat out. I will come back in the evening to capture this sound as well.

I walked over the market and a young man with his whistle helped a car coming out of the parking spot.

With my DPA on the bag, I just walked up and down the market where you can listen to the authentic ambient. If you hear music playing a young man and a young woman are singing and both have a disability. I remember these from the Saturday and Sunday night markets.

Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects

I walked over to the butcher area and I had to hold my breath for a minute or two. After that, I found my way in a small street again where farmers sell vegetables and fruits.
I stopped the recording at this point.

The exact location where I recorded these Asia Market Crowds Sound Effects

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