American Interstates Sound Effects! Including Jake Brake Sound Effect!


It is already more than a month ago but finally, I could upload all the files from our road trip from Iowa to California and I am more than happy to give these free sounds to you Guys!

I remember it was already a long trip from Germany to the US!

We flew from Stuttgart to Lisbon and if you interested in some binaural “walla walla” sound I did this binaural audio recording right in the morning in the Cafeteria at the Stuttgart Airport!


From Stuttgart, we flew with Easy Jet to Lisbon what took us about 2:30 hours and we only had a short layover for about two hours! So we had to run!
From Lisbon, we took the plane with TAP and flown to Boston! It was an older Airbus 330 but it was a great flight with good on board service!
From Boston, we flew with SouthWest to Chicago and I recorded this binaural sound at the Chicago Airport!

And just that you know we paid for all the flights for two people about 1000 US Dollar! We always book our flights with! If you don’t know this site yet maybe you should check it out!


From Chicago, we flew to Omaha and I recorded this InFlight sound!


You see I already got some really nice free ambient sounds!

In Omaha, we drove to Sioux City, Iowa by car and took Libby’s car from here and hit the road!

So let’s begin with this 1650 miles journey across the country including six States!

Just after Omaha, we know that the Interstate 29 isn’t so long so we recorded on a lonely bridge! It was early in the morning and still foggy and the humanity pretty high! I liked the mood!

Omaha, Iowa! Interstate Sound Effects
After this, we went right on the Interstate 80 and we stopped at a Rest Stop called West Bound. We are still in Iowa!

Interstate 80 Iowa! Interstate Sound Effects


I know I haven’t any recording from the 80 in Nevada and I should have done it!

After Nevada, we went on the Interstate 76 and passed the state border to Colorado! I want to record sound from the Interstate 76 but there are no bridges where I could record from above!
So we stopped at a little exit called Hill Rose and I recorded from about 200 meters! I think it still sounds really nice from so far away and it gives you a nice alternative to the other sounds!

Interstate 76! Hill Rose Colorado! Interstate Sound Effects

We are still in Colorado and we needed to be in Boulder before 6 PM because we have a friend living here and we spent the next 3 days in Boulder to explore the Rockies!

I recorded only one sound in Boulder and that was this one!


After the 3 days, we had to hit the road again but Boulder is awesome! Don’t miss this town if you ever plan on visiting Colorado!
We stopped somewhere in the middle of the mountains and recorded the sound from the Interstate 70! We also had to park on a side street!

Interstate 80! Colorado! Interstate Sound Effects

After that we drove to Utah and if you think Colorado is already amazing wait until you see Utah! It is amazing and I can’t even describe it! Get a car and do a road trip! In this moment I wished we had our Camper again!
We just stopped at the Exit to Moab to make the next recording from the bridge! So if you ever come here, you know where I was! 🙂

Interstate 80! Utah Exit Moab! Interstate Sound Effects

The sun was already gone and we arrived Cedar City!  A small town in the middle of nowhere!
We booked a room at Motel 6 and right next to our room was the Ice Maker Machine and the Vending Machine! This two machines gave us a hard time to fall asleep but on the next morning, I still recorded the sound!

Motel Six Ice Maker Machine!

Now we stopped about 20 minutes before we arrived Las Vegas on the Interstate 15 to record the traffic sound from a different angle again! This sound is a little bit quieter as the others.

Interstate 15 LAs Vegas Nevada! Interstate Sound Effects

In Las Vegas, we went to a Parking Garage to record the Interstate 15 and this Intersection! Very busy and great sounds! If you hear this electrical tone to your right? This is a huge power pole!
We have a few in Costa Mesa and I am going to record this sound very soon! So stay tuned for that! If you go in the video to Minute 32:10 you will listen to the Jake Brake!

Las Vegas! Interstate 15! Jake Brake Sound Effect

The last sound is from the Intersate 405 that I recorded from a Mall not far from the Interstate!
This sound is recorded with the Rode NTG4+ and the Rycote Super Blimp! All other sounds are only recorded with the Zoom H6!
That gives you the option using mono or stereo in your project!

Interstate 405! Fountain Valley! Interstate Sound Effects

That was a long drive and we are going to drive back again! But this time we going down to Texas and driving from Texas back to Iowa! More sounds, more Interstates! That will be around the 15. November!

I hope you can use all these sounds and as always if you have any questions or sound request just let me know per Email, Comment on Facebook or Instagram and even YouTube!

Moab Utah! Road Trip USA

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.


…and now enjoy this free highway / interstate sounds from the USA! 8 sound files between five and six minutes each!

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