Squeaking Sounds & Door Hinge Sound Effect!

I think I have one of the best door hinge squeaking sounds ever recorded and that in a place I probably wouldn’t expect that.


In a toilet room at the Da Nang CIP lounge. 🙂

Libby has a “priority pass” connected to her credit card so that means that we can go in lounges and don’t have to pay for it. We can eat for free, sleep or taking a shower at no cost. Okay, its all included in the credit card fee so why not using it? It is just a great benefit if you are a frequent traveler like we are. If you interested we have the “Chase Reserve Card”.
Okay, because she pays for the annual fee that means I benefit from it and get free access.:) YIPPEE!!

Besides this recording,  I also recorded the sound of the toilet flush and the pissoir flush what I will upload to the “Toilet Flush Around The World Album”.

I opened the door and was just blown away by this door hinge! I hope you enjoy the sound and it helps you with your workflow!

Squeaking Sounds

“The first word you see at the airport is ‘terminal’.”
— Beano Cook

You can download this version direct from my Dropbox!

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