Airport Sound Effects Library – Bangkok

In this airport sound effects library I invite you to stroll with me through the Bangkok International Airport.

Over 80 minutes and 11 tracks waiting for you in this airport sound library!

airport sound effects library Bangkok

How I recorded This Airport Soundscape

I used in the beginning the Zoom H6 with the Soundman OKM binaural headphones and switched later to the Zoom F4.

I started recording binaural after leaving the aircraft. We arrived at the domestic terminal and left Bangkok from the International terminal.
We came from Chiang Mai and took a quick one hour flight with Thai Viet Jet.

Just a random note. We couldn’t check in our luggage online and at the counter, they told us 15 kg is the maximum. After placing the luggage on the belt the scale showed 28kg and we all looked at each other and 3 seconds later she told us, “Today I give you a discount”. No extra charge, no problem. That would never happen in Germany or in the United States.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

After leaving the aircraft we went straight to the baggage claim and you can listen to so many cool sounds along the way.

The rolling suitcases in the gangway or the Chinese lady next to me, using the travelator and so many fun announcements along the way.  Please wear headphones by the way if you listen to the library on Bandcamp!

After we reached the baggage claim we picked our luggage and you can listen to different suitcases falling from the belt. People chatting and picking up their luggage. Great baggage claim sound effects.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

After  the baggage claim we went straight to the main terminal and to the Jetstar counter.

The main terminal at Bangkok Airport is just amazing. A huge hall with a great architecture and the reverb of the chatting crowd is incredible.

You can listen to thousands of people but the hall is so huge it all sounds very soft. Just like a calm ocean of sounds. I think only one percent of the people at this airport realised that. 

airport sound effects library Bangkok

The soft white noise in the background comes from the air conditions running from each corner and from the walls.

If you are at the Singapore airport for example, recordings is much harder because they play music. Luckily not at the Bangkok Airport. 

In track number nine you can listen at 05:30 min how we taking the elevator to get an authentic elevator sound.  After the doors closing there is almost silence.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

Time To Record Some Lounges Sound Effects

We have the Priority Pass what allows us to enter certain lounges all over the world without extra charge so we went to the “Miracle” lounge.

After entering the lounge you can listen to people eating and chatting, several moving chairs and the waiter moves dishes around.

After a few minutes later, we had the lounge for us alone. Time for some room tone and of course I recorded the toilet flush sound effects inside the lounge.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

After checking the flight schedule we left the lounge 20 minutes later and walked to Gate E.

I changed the recorder to the Zoom F4 now and leaving the lounge. 

Track Number 3 Part 02 Is One Of My Favorite.

The walk to the Gate is about 600 meters and filled with some incredible soundscapes and people walla.

I stopped next to a shop to get the sound of the cashier and the beeping sound of the register, plus I got the sound of a needle printer.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

If you ever come to BKK airport turn left and you reach the escalator. You can see until the end of the terminal and alone this view is amazing.

After we reached Gate 10 we waited  with hundreds of people upstairs. After the staff arrived and opened the small corridor door, we all walked down a metallic bridge to the next waiting area and you can listen to some fantastic sounds as well.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

( Track 5) We walked down this metal walkway and the sounds I could capture are just amazing.

People chatting, kids playing, the suitcases on the metal walkway rolling, a needle printer, the staff ripping off the boarding cards and a Chinese kid screams all the time. Super cool recording.

While waiting, Libby did some exercises with one of the kids.

airport sound effects library Bangkok

Time For More Toilet Flush Sound Effects

After I came back, it was time to board the aircraft and I recorded the announcements in English and Thai.

We walked down the gangway and you can hear the rolling sound coming from the suitcases and the engine of the aircraft in the background getting louder.

Inside the aircraft was music and after “Welcome On Board” I stopped the recordings.!

Download Airport Sound Effects Library – Bangkok

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