Airport Sound Effects Library Stuttgart – Germany

Airport sound effects library from Stuttgart, Germany!

I recorded this airport ambiance at Terminal 1 of Stuttgart’s Airport. The main terminal is not huge but it greats a really nice reverb. I recorded these sounds very visible and somebody called the Police. What I mean by that is that I had the Zoom H6 on my tripod facing the Check-In area.  After a few minutes six police officers with machine guns game up to me and asked me what I am doing and I told him about my hobby of recording sounds. One officer took my passport to double check and came back four minutes later.

He told me recording is ok but don’t take photos. That’s a statement so I learned that it is allowed to do these recordings. Pretty cool but to avoid these trouble again I only use binaural microphone on airports in the future.

I used my Zoom H6 and the MS Microphone. Listen closely because you may occasionally hear people talking, laughing and having a conversation while waiting in line.

You can find this sound effect in my “Complete Library” in the Germany Category!

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