Airport Sound Effects Library – Chicago Airport

In this airport sound effects library I recorded restaurant sound effects inside the O’Hare International Airport using binaural headphones.

After a seven-hour flight from Lisbon and Boston, wewe finally made it to Chicago!

Airport Restaurant Sound Effects, Chicago Airport

While waiting for our flight to Omaha, Nebraska, we grabbed a bite to eat in Terminal B’s food court.

It was a very busy lunch hour with many people scarfing down their average quick serviced food. Even though our meal didn’t leave much of an impression on us, the ambient sound was fun to record.

What Airport Sounds Are Included?

  • chairs moving around
  • several announcements from a men voice and a woman voice in the background at minutes (00:01, 01:18, 02:35, 06:55) and I guess Paul never made it to his flight 🙂
  • kids playing, plates moving, people walking around
  • overall a really nice walla,
  • somebody is sneezing, people laughing and coughing
  • somebody to my right has a paper bag in his hand and wraps it around
  • table cleaner with the cart rolls by
  • overall”hum” from the air-condition in the food court.

Download Airport Restaurant Sound Effects

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Bandcamp Explained

In this short video, I explain how you can download my sound libraries on Bandcamp for free! Please watch it if you are not familiar with Bandcamp!

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