Airport Cafeteria Cafe Bars Restaurants Sound Effects

Recording airport cafeteria cafe bars restaurants sound effects at Stuttgart airport. 

Our flight from Stuttgart to Lisbon left at 6 am and like most prepared passengers we arrived 2 hours early. After passing through security we saw an open spot next to a cafeteria with people eating bagels, sipping on coffee and smoking in a nearby enclosed smoking box. While waiting for our flight to take off to Portugal, we sat next to a busy cafe and recorded ambient audio for 5 minutes.

I recorded this track with my Roland CS-10EM binaural microphones and the Zoom H6. Surprisingly, sitting at 4:30 at a busy airport cafe was very relaxing! The cafe was filled with lots of people that surrounded me, walked, passed me and waited just like for the next flight.
I hope you can use this for your upcoming video or sound project! You can find this people walla sounds in my “Complete Library” in the Germany category.

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