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11 files • 24 bit/192/96 kHz • 2.5 GB • 60 min


Recording airport sound effects at LAX airport (with binaural samples) 2017

Attention all sound enthusiasts and moviemakers! Back in 2017 we released an epic airport sound effects library that features over 2 GB of amazing recordings from Los Angeles International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world!

Prepare to travel back in time and be amazed by the binaural recordings at Terminal 3, the crowd walla at Delta’s Terminal 2 and 3, airplane landings, and the unforgettable sounds of car doors opening and closing inside the terminal parking garage. You will also experience the buzz of traffic around the terminals and the hustle and bustle of people at the baggage claim.

Experience the airport world with our binaural recordings at Terminals 2 and 3, where you’ll hear the sound of a woman’s footsteps coming closer and closer, the sound of traffic, the amazing “whoosh” of hydraulics, and the sound effects of a bus in front of you.


Terminal 3

Join us on a adventure with our binaural recording at Terminal 3, where you can hear the sound of an overweight suitcase being checked in, walking around the terminal, the crowd “walla,” the sound of unpacking and unzipping a suitcase, and many other beeping sounds.


Terminal 5 Parking Garage

Looking for something unique? Our recording of the opening and closing doors at Terminal 5 parking garage is perfect. This sound was a request on Reddit for an audio drama, and it includes us opening and closing the doors of a car hatchback a few times, the background sound of the airport, and the sound of buses and cars honking.


Terminal 6 Parking Garage

Experience the sound of traffic in Terminal 6 parking garage with the sound of buses and cars driving by, honking their horns, and the typical bus “whoosh” sound effects coming from the hydraulics. You can practically smell the gasoline and feel the heat of the pavement.


Terminal 7

Terminal 7 serves as the base for United Airlines and can be quite busy with 11 gates. When Libby arrived, we were surprised to find out that anyone could walk into the baggage claim area from outside the building. Luckily, we had our Zoom H6 recorder and were able to capture some really cool baggage claim sounds while waiting for Libby’s luggage. You can hear this recording on track 3 of our Airport Sound Effect Library!


Aircraft Landing

Feel the excitement of planes landing with our recordings of several airplanes approaching and landing at LAX. You’ll hear the incredible sound of us standing behind the main landing field and recording the sound of two incoming airplanes, as well as the combined sound of both planes in one mixed file.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your sound projects with our Los Angeles airport sound effects library!


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