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Airport Sound Effects in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is known for its efficiency, with quick moving lines and organized staff. In 2018, we had a chance to experience it firsthand during a layover and I was truly impressed. Although our stay was brief, I was able to record some interesting airport sounds that I wanted to share with you.


Recording the Efficient Operations of the Hong Kong International Airport

During our layover, we had to go through immigration and change terminals to catch our connecting flight. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the line moved, thanks to the efficiency of the staff. Watching the smooth operations of the airport was a fascinating experience.


Recording the Automated People Mover

To get from one terminal to another, we took the Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover, a high-speed train that connects all terminals. Despite being full, the train was not overcrowded and I was able to record a variety of sounds, including people talking, the train starting and stopping, and the sound of doors opening and closing.
The electronic announcements had to be cut out, but the sounds of people walking and pushing their luggage up the escalator was recorded. This is a binaural recording using the Zoom H6 with the Roland binaural in ear microphones.



The sounds I recorded at Hong Kong International Airport capture the efficiency and dynamic atmosphere of this world-class airport. Whether you are working in post-production or just love the sounds of airports, these royalty-free sound effects are a must-have for your library.


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