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13 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 573 MB • 10 min


Recording Thrilling airplane landing sound effects

I had the amazing experience of recording 13 different aircraft landings while living in Chiangmai, Thailand. The airfield was located just behind the Chiang Mai airport. Chiang Mai International Airport is a regional airport located in the Chiang Mai province of northern Thailand. It is the second largest airport in the country and serves as a hub for domestic and international flights.


Equipment Used for Recording

I used a Zoom F4 field recorder and paired it with a Rode NTG4+ microphone and a Rycote Blimp to capture the clear sounds of the engines, tires, and wind during the aircraft landings, without any unwanted wind noise in the recordings. In addition to the mono setup, I used a pair of omnidirectional DPA 4060 microphones along with Rycote Windjammers to capture an omnidirectional experience as the planes descended to the runway.


Recording Locations

The recording locations were a bridge facing the runway and further behind in the garden of the driving license registration bureau. These royalty-free recordings of aircraft landings are sure to add excitement to your audio production with the roar of the engines and the sound of the tires touching down. I hope you find these recordings useful in your next projects.

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