Aircraft Sound Effects – Takeoff Changi Airport Singapore

Recording 18 Takeoff Aircraft Sound Effects at Changi Airport, 

If you follow my journey around the world and use already several of my recordings, maybe you came across my aircraft library about the aircraft landing sound effects from Chiang Mai, Thailand or from LAX Los Angeles.

I always wanted to record takeoff sound effects on a bigger airport. Luckily we lived two months in Singapore (we go back in November) and in my opinion is Changi Airport the best airport in the world.
Over 1000 aircraft starting/landing every single day 24 hours and finally, I was able to record the sound of one of the biggest airplane in the world. The Airbus A380. In this album it is track number 18, 6 and 3.

You will hear the difference. Not only the engine sound is deeper and longer. The A380 has four engines. This is already a big difference to other airplanes but the sound of the big and heavy airplanes is much closer. A small aircraft don’t need the full airfield to take off but these big guys need to full space. I went with one of my friends to record these sounds and we missed the sound of a brand new Airbus A380-800 owned by Emirates.

aircraft takeoff sound effects

We recorded sound at two different locations. One next to the ocean and the other location direct behind the airfield. We packed everything already and couldn’t believe it how close to the trees this aircraft came. I could almost touch the fuselage. It felt like it.

We both looked at each other and said! “Shucks” Why didn’t we wait five more minutes! Such powerful machines. Only the empty weight is already 277000 kg. Imagine with 500 people, cerosin and luggage and a 4000-meter airfield in front of you. That’s tight.

As I mention we recorded at two different locations. The first location is more like a secret spot and only locals would know how to get there.

Recording Location One

Just walk into the harbor club that is open to the public and walk to the very end to the right. It the perfect spot for watching the aircraft coming in or taking off. Changi Airport changed the flight pattern frequently. You can have a drink, lunch or dinner. If you are an aviation fan you gonna love that place. I promise!

Recording Location Two

Only a few minutes by bicycle from spot one we recorded behind the airfield. Just use Google Maps and see where it is. If you want you can drive all the way to the other site of the airfield record on this end.

Other Sound Effects Besides the Takeoff Sound Effects

Location One: If you listen closely to the audio you can listen to calming ocean sounds before and after the aircraft. Another incredible sound is if the airplane is already up in the air. You can listen to the afterburner. I think you can only listen to this sound at night. At daytime, I guess other sounds coming from the ships might overpowered this one.

Location Two: You can listen to vehicles like cars and trucks driving by from behind before the aircraft takes off and after they disappear in the sky. It is much wors at daytime it. Another typical night sound appears in the recordings. Cicadas in the distance.

In total, I recorded 18 different aircraft takeoff sound effects including the biggest airplanes in the world. Airbus 380, Boeing 747, Airbus 350, Boeing 787 and several small Airbus 320 from Air Asia or Jetstar. I lost all the photos I took so I am not sure which one are the correct ones.

Singapore Airlines got already the first and newest Airbus 350-900ULR delivered. Since October the Airlines relaunched the worldwide longest flight to New York City with a 19 hours nonstop flight. Our longest flight so far was 2017 from Doha to Atlanta with a 16 hours nonstop flight.

Check out my airport category or aircraft category and you will find many more airport sounds or in-flight sound effects. I hope you can find the sound you are looking for.

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