40 Best Websites To Download Sound Effects & Royalty Free Music

If I Google free sound effects, royalty free sound effects, or premium sound effects libraries, I honestly get so tired of seeing the same websites popping up again and again. Some of them are super old and not even up to-date anymore. Did you know there are so many goldmines out there that are just not uncovered by Google and its search engine algorithms.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who stops perusing after page two or three.

Let me give you a helping hand to discover some of the very best royalty-free sound effects and premium sound libraries that you may have not found on your own yet or haven’t heard about it.

This A-Z list includes the best (in my humble opinion) sound libraries and websites created by top-notch sound designers, musicians and sound recordists. If you think I miss something please message me at [email protected] and I’d more than happy to check it out and include them in this post!

Searching For Royalty Free Sound Effects & Sound Designers Using Facebook

Underneath the A-Z website list, I’ve provided an additional recourse you may have not thought of… Facebook & Reddit! Talk about a real Eldorado! Now you can go straight to the source of many untapped recordists & designers!

Utilizing Facebook & Reddit to your search and finding a growing community of creatives could save you a lot time, maybe money, and you’ll be supporting the individuals who make the sound you’re seeking! There’s nothing better than personal connection!

For example, you’re looking for a high-quality gunshot sound effects, unique footsteps, or even a uniquely designed whoosh sound effects, you don’t need to squander your valuable time on the internet anymore!

Additionally if you have a higher budget and you’re want to reach out to a sound designer or foley artist I’ll direct you to the most active groups!

Royalty Free Music For A to Z


Epidemicsound is by far one the largest platforms for royalty free music! with thousands of songs with daily updates plus over 30000 sound effects already. You can choose between two plans. Individual or business makes it easy for you to choose which one is best for your needs!

Sound Library Resources From A to Z

A Sound Effect

Asbjoern Andersen’s “A Sound Effect” is truly a goldmine if it comes to sound libraries created by the world’s best sound designers.

Daily updates and deals on single libraries waiting for you on his website. But you won’t only find amazing sound effects and sound libraries.

Asbjoern interviews frequently award-winning sound designers about there work and shares these stories on the same website! If you sign up for the newsletter you can get a bunch of free sound effects and stay informed on the newest sound effects!

Boom Library

Here comes the Boom! The team behind Boom library are making no compromises. Quality made in Germany and you will only find top notch and high end sound libraries on the website.

The unique sound design stands out from many other sound libraries and professional sound engineer from all around the world using sounds coming from Boom. All sounds are royalty-free and I found this free sound library sample.

If you budget is endless and you want al sounds, Boom library sells the Boom Complete currently for $6,559.00 (650 GB). Worth it!


If it comes to cinematic sound effects Utku and his team doing an amazing job creating premium sound libraries to a very affordable price. The horror sound effects series are pretty intense so be careful listening. The price for the libraries starting at £14.95.


Another great sound library from Germany what means, if you are looking for German sound effects and ambience Stephane Marche is a professional audio engineer and creates top notch sound libraries, live packs and instruments. You can expect that Stephan only uses high end recording gear.

If it comes to cinematic sound effects, Utku and his team doing an amazing job creating premium sound libraries to a very affordable price. The monster sounds or dark mood sound effect are amazing and the horror sound effects series is pretty intense so be careful listening. The price for the libraries starts at £14.95.


Probably one the most visited sound effects library page on the planet. No wonder, Google ranks the website in so many search results as the top website if it comes to free sound effects. The only reason why I still include the site in this post is because Freesound is fully integrated into the Soundly platform what makes the search super fast and easy. Besides tons of low end sound effects you will find some great contributions as well.

Free To Use Sounds

Ok, shameless plug here! This is our website you are currently surfing on. 🙂


If it comes to film composing, trailer, scores or atmospheric soundscapes, the crew behind grooveworks knows what they doing and you will find some incredible sound work. One of the most famous team members is Robert Dudzic. A name that is beyond sound design. If you hear this name the first time let me tell you, his life story itself is incredible and you can read more about it on it’s own website Robert Dudzic.


Sound design Made in Singapore! Libby and I lived for a while in Singapore and I met the team behind Imbainteractive and with other words we had a blast and by the end of the day I was dancing on stage at the hungry ghost festival. Jeremy and his team are specialised in creating game sound effects and doing an amazing job. The best way to connect with Jeremy is via the contact page or Facebook.


I actually don’t know where to start! Søren is such an incredible artist and sound designer. Composers, producers and DJ’s from all across the world using his synths and sound libraries.

Once a year he hosts a fundraising program asking developers in the audio industry to donate soft- or hardware and he sells them on auction. He raised since 2011 over $185000 for “Save the Children” and $17000 to clean the ocean from the plastic! He also offers a small collection of free field recordings on the website.

Matching Sound Effects

Matching sound effects is a new young platform created by Johann Skirnir Gustavsson & Philipp Jurdell. Two professional producers and sound designers based in Sweden! On the website you will find currently high quality foley sound packs or sound libraries including footsteps on different surfaces but we are sure much more will be added to shop in the future!


Primeloops is another huge sound library resource with the main focus to create unique audio sample collections for music producers. All sounds you will find are 100% royalty free. If you create an account you receive a “Welcome Pack”.

Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects has a huge sound library collection with currently over 220000 sound effects that comes with a price. If you choose to buy a single sound that will cost you around $5 and if you want it all, the buy out price is over 11000 USD (2.7TB).

Pulsesetter Sounds

This is truly one of these uncovered goldmines that are so hard to find on Google if you don’t know them.

If you are looking for next level cinematic sound effects and compositions you might want to check out pulsetter-sounds. The composers and sound designers living in Los Angeles and creating synth sound sets, sample/loop libraries and composing music for film, tv show and overall media . I could find a freebie on the website called Metalstorm for you to check out.


The creator behind this sound library is Phil Michalski! He is a sound designer and recordist working in the sound industry since 2006. He is specialised in creating breathtaking sci-fi sound effects and cinematic sounds that can be used for game sounds as well.

The price for the soundlibraries starting at $15 what is an incredible price for the quality he provides and the equipment he uses to record and create these libraries. I also found a freebie on his website for you to check out!


Pole is another top notch high end sound library website with stunning sound design and recordings. You can only expect perfectly recorded & edited sounds including perfectly well written metadata. But no wonder. Nobody else then Max Lachmann, a well known field recorder and Paul Virostek are part of the team.

Rocky Mountain Sounds

I connected with Jason, the founder of Rocky Mountain Sounds almost two years ago on Facebook and I am so happy to know that he uses some of my recordings to create amazing sound designs. What is so unique and makes him stand out from many other libraries is the Spectrasonics Collections. I also found some great freebies on his website and Jason his own Facebook page to stay up to date. I also found some great free sound effects for you!


Who dosn’t love Soundly? Probably anybody who is using it already! Christian and Peder are two amazing human beings and with the creation of Soundly they lifted the art of searching for sounds to a whole new level.

This fully featured cloud based platform works on Mac & PC. You download the application and you can search in this massive ever growing cloud library for the sound you are looking for.

If you found a sound effect you can select the parts you want inside the Soundly timeline & drag and drop it into your own DAW. You can do this with your personally sound library as well after you imported the files locally into the application.

I personally love using the software myself and contribute each week new sounds to the platform, because I truly believe it is one of the best sound library platforms ever.

The application itself is free to use but the Pro version is subscription based. I give you this coupon code “free2usesounds” you can test the pro version one month for free. Soundly is amazing and will save you so much time. I promise. If you are student just message Soundly and you can get another great deal.

Sound Bits

Behind Soundbits is Saro Sahihi! A sound designers field recordist and lecturer from Germany. He creates fantastic sound designs and soundscapes. You can find most of its work on A Sound Effect, Sonnis, Pro Sound Effects & Primeloops.


Sound chicks is an independent sound library specialized in selling long atmospheric sound effects from Canada and from all across the world.

Mélanie works as sound field recordist and sound editor for over 20 years in the field and she is the founder of the website to share her recordings and recordings from other contributors. The platform has a great interface and search function.


If you ever played an Electronic Arts game or watched a Walt Disney movie you already listened to sounds coming from Soundmorph. SoundMorph is one of the leading creator if it comes to sound libraries and software, with a focus on game sounds for sound designers and musicians. The work from Yan and Jason is another example on how amazing sound design can be. But not only sound libraries are on the page. Great software that will make you life easier can be purchased as well. If you curious please take a look at their website. Free sounds to check out are available too.


Soundsnap is one of the largest sound libraries on the planet and I personally just love the interface and design. Clean and easy to use. Soundsnap is a premium sound library and you can choose different subscription plans to sign up.

For only $199 USD a year you get access to over 250000 sound effects with unlimited downloads royalty free.

The team behind Soundsnaps adds daily new sounds to the platform and I contributed about 1000 sounds too. I am currently preparing a new huge batch for Soundsnap.


Sonnis is another big sound library like A Sound Effect that lives from it’s contributors. Top notch field recorders and sound designers creating sound libraries and upload them to this platform. If you are looking for specific libraries it’s always worth checking out both websites to compare the prices. Sometimes you find special deals and sales.

Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge, Audio Hero, Stock Music, are all different websites but all have the same owner and you can find pretty much the same sounds. Brian Nimmens is the founder and a pioneer in the field. With over 500000 sound effects, this sound library is one of the largest in the world with thousands of daily visitors. You can buy single sounds or sign up for a subscription plan.

Sound Dogs

Sounddogs claims to be the largest sound library in the world and its true you can find thousands of sound effects on the page recorded all across the world.

I personally wish Sounddogs would overhaul the look of the website. Founded in the 90s and if I look at the website it still looks like the 90s. But you get what you are looking for. Sound Effects.

Sound Iron

Soundiron is super unique and in my opinion a super cool library. The team behind creates virtual instruments and sample sound libraries for musicians, songwriter, composers and sound designers. Starting price for libraries is about $30 but you can always find a sale on one library.

The Recordist

The Recordist is Frank Bry and he is the founder of this impressive boutique sound library! Frank is a highly respected field recorder in the community and its sound library is tailored to military sounds, helicopter, plane sound effects or weapon sound effects. You should definitely check out his machine gun bundle. It will freak you out.

The Sound Pack Tree

The sound pack tree offers not only a small collection of high quality sounds you can buy or download for free, it also has a sound generator. With the generator you can create foosteps sound effects, dropping effects, shepard ambiences, snare rattle and fireworks.


High quality sounds and software made in Germany! Instead of talking about the amazing sound libraries these two guys offer, lets talk about the software. If you want to create your own whoosh sound effects for only 99 USD you can do so. Just download the Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6 for free and you will be blowing away what you can create. Check out this video and tutorial and for a little investment you can create your own whoosh and impact sound effects

Watson Wu

Watson Wu is an award winning composer, sound designer, and field recordist based in Florida. If you are looking for high quality weapon sound effects, military sounds or luxury car, motorbikes sound effects he has these unique libraries to offer. He is always available for special requests.


Zapsplat is another huge lifesaver if it comes to sound effects for indie game developers, filmmakers and professional sound engineer. The new interface and website layout is fantastic & lets you search the almost 40000 sound effects like a breeze.

All sounds can be downloaded for free as mp3 with the basic account. For a donation of your choice you can upgrade to a gold account what gives you access to all wav files that can be used without attribution/credit. All sounds are royalty-free!

These are currently one of the best sound libraries on the market you can find on the internet. I could definitly list more but as I mention in the beginning many of the sound designers and field recordist out there using A Sound Effect as the main platform to showcase and sell their work.

In the next section I help you to find sound designers, foley artists and how to get in contact first hand with them on Facebook.

Facebook Groups

Production & Post-production Sound For Film/Video

This facebook group is by far one of the best and active facebook groups when it comes to sound! Almost all sound designers, field recorder, and sound engineers that I have listed are part of this group. Join the group and ask for a special sound request! I bet you’ll get a response!

Sound Effects and Audio Plugins

Another group of enthusiastic posters who promote the newest sound libraries! The group is new and started in January 2019. You can find some great sound libraries and feel free to make a request.

Audio Plugin Sales, Deals and Freebies – VST/AAX/AU/RE and Sample Libraries

Another great group for anybody who is looking for special deals and freebies. You can expect daily new deals and great insights on what’s available. Especially summer sales, Black Friday, and Christmas deals are very commonly promoted!

Global Composers Network

This group is a goldmine and a top resource for composers, musicians, and orchestrators. You can join the group and discuss ideas, ask questions, and learn about the progress of many individual careers. I suggest you ‘Rush’ over and join the group because you’ll be in digital proximity fellow famous group members like the Hans Zimmer!

Foley Artist

Another amazing Facebook group. If you are looking for somebody who can create you foley sounds or knows how to point you in the right direction, this group is for you. Also if you like to learn more about foley you can connect with the worlds best in this group.

Field Recording Facebook Group

Another very active Facebook group if you want to connect with field recorders and sound designers. From beginners to top elite field recorder this group has massively grown in the last few years. Many of the sound library owners I mention in this post are part of the group (just like myself.)

We’re not sharing or promoting our sound libraries directly but rather sharing the process of field recordings, our newest equipment, and sound trends.

It’s the best group to be part of if you’d like to become a field recordist or learn about inner workings of the sound industry! Questions about sound libraries are still appreciated and you’ll get the direct access to the creators.


Welcome to the world of Reddit! I am a huge Redditor and over 20 percent of my traffic comes from Reddit! To find out how Reddit works might takes you some time but if you know how to play the Reddit game it is the greatest and the most likely powerful tool you can ever imagine. If you are looking for free music, free sound effects, loops and anything else that is free check out the SubReddit “Free Sounds“! For premium sound libraries “SFX Libraries“. For game developers go to “Gameassets

Did you find what you were looking for?

I hope this blog post helps you discover great sounds and that it shows you there is so much more available than what the first page on Google provides. From the list of A-Z sound libraries to the active community on Facebook, you’re now equipped with new resources to aid you along your ongoing journey of discovering sounds!

Thanks for reading 🙂



Every sound on this site have been recorded by us Libby & Marcel! Learn more about our journey traveling full-time as sound recordists...


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